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Smart Street Lighting

Key Features

  • High efficient solar LED street lighting (6w).
  • Integrated battery, Allows simple installation.
  • Automatic ON/OFF with integrated sensor.
  • Super efficient LED's more than 30,000 hrs lifetime.
  • Pressure die cast aluminum body for improving led life.
  • Rechargeable. No maintenance lithium ion batteries
  • High efficiency electronic & thermal management
  • Solar panel : minimum 10 years life
  • IP65 complaint design.


Solar Charging – full sunlight 8 hrs
Run Time (mint) 12 hrs
Battery Capacity 8000 mah
Battery nominal voltage 14.8 V
Battery upper cutoff voltage (after stabilization) 16.5v
Battery lower cut of voltage (after stabilization) 12 V
Solar panel Pm 20 wp
Solar panel Vmp 17 v
solar panel imp 1.35 A
Light output (Avg) 6 W
Idle current 0.7 ma
Battery Lifetime more then 3 years

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