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Project Support
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From initial consulting to final commissioning: with Deshmukh Energy, you always have a team of experienced specialists at your side to help you achieve the best configuration and highest yields with our PV power plant. 20 years of worldwide project experience and the concentrated expertise of Deshmukh Energy employees guarantee maximum success. With Deshmukh Energy, your PV power plant project is in good hands for its entire life-cycle.

All services at a glance

  • Technical Consulting
  • Technical Consulting
    • Advice on planning, design and dimensioning
    • Definition of components for the specific PV modules in use
    • Arrangement of system components
    • Determination and evaluation of local grid requirements around the world
    • Creation of detailed customized solutions
  • Engineering
  • Engineering
    • Creation of the DC wiring plan
    • Determination of combiners in the module field
    • Definition of lines and fuses
    • Draft report on what communication devices are necessary
    • Static load-flow calculations with simulation tools
    • Planning for the AC grid connection
  • Project Management
  • Project Management
    • Seamless order processing and flexible manufacturing based on customer input
    • Flexible adjustment of the delivery chain with guaranteed delivery deadlines
    • Construction site coordination for the delivery of components
    • On-site coordination of all processes
    • Consulting from a specific contact person in all project phases
    • Coordinated commissioning
    • Optimal parameterization of devices for the project
  • Service
  • Service
    • Global Service infrastructure at 85 locations
    • Modular service concept with custom contract options

Peak performance and technological perfection at a significantly reduced specific price: the new Sunny Tripower TL Economic Excellence is the next logical step in the development of the Sunny Tripower series in terms of achieving an optimum price-performance ratio. On the one hand, it brings with it a considerable reduction in investment costs, while on the other hand guaranteeing exceptionally high yields with an efficiency of 98.5 %.

Hence, the Sunny Tripower TL Economic Excellence is the ideal solution for uniformly structured PV plants on the medium to very large scale. The focus is on the essentials and meets all requirements, including reactive power provision, grid support, and grid management integration.

  • Economical
    • Maximum efficiency 98.5 %
    • SMA OptiTrac MPP tracking for best MPP tracking efficiency
    • Active temperature management with OptiCool
    • Bluetooth communication

  • Simple
    • Three-phase grid feed-in
    • Cable connection without tools
    • SUNCLIX DC plug-in system

  • Flexible and future-proof
    • DC input voltage up to 1 000 V
    • Integrated grid management functions
    • Reactive-power capable

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