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Solar Home Lighting System SHLS-L2

Key Features

  • Maximum Power Point Tracking Technology (MPPT)
  • Maintains CC - CV
  • Peak efficiency 95%
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Battery Monitoring system
  • SOC - and - voltage - control LVD
  • Over charge and discharge protection
  • Load short circuit protection / Overload protection
  • Lighting protection
  • Compact in size
  • USB output to charge Mobile, MP3, and Etc.


Model SHLS-L2
Charging Type Pulse width modulation (PWM)
Panel power 5Wp
Maximum panel Voltage [VOC] 21V (Over voltage protection by varistor)
Battery Type SMF
Battery Capacity 4.5 Ah
Battery Protection Active HVD and LVD , Inbuilt BMS circuit
High Voltage Protection 7 V
Low Voltage Protection 6.3 V
Efficiency >95% peak
Max Charging current 3A
Max Discharging current 3A
DC load nominal Voltage 6 V DC
Electronic Protection PV Reverse polarity, Reverse current flow at night, Surge Transient, Load short, over current, High and Low voltage protection at battery side.
LED Indications Green : Solar, Yellow : Battery SOC, Red : Fault indication
Ambient Temperature 0°c to +50°C while charging ; -200C to +500C while dis-charging
Protection IP 22
USB connector USB Type A ; 5.5 V ; 500mA
Load DC jack 6.5mm - 2 output terminals
Weight in Kg 2.50 Kg
Dimension (L XW X H) mm 350 x 250 x 115
Accessories Panel with cable - 1No, DC LED Lamp 1.5W - 2 Nos, E-27 Lamp holder assembly and mobile charging connector - 1No .
In built led lamp in unit Inbuilt Led 3w lamp in unit

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