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Solar LED Street Light – 9 Watt

Charge Controller Regulator Zero Drop, No loss, Shunt type
LED Boost Driver 300mA/LED*9 1 Watt LED in series combination
NLC <3mA
LVD 11.0V
HVD 14.4 V
LVR 12.5V
HVR 14.35V
Protection Reverse Polarity of battery & panel. Reverse current flow from battery to panel. Electronic overload/output short.
Application Street light, gardern light, main gate light, footpath light and many more
Ambience Operating Temp 0 to 50°C , 90% RH
Indications & Controls Green LED : 1. Green : When panels connected properly and voltage is more than 12 V. 2. Green Flickering : Battery voltage has reached LVD and PWM absorbsion started. BLTO: 1. Red LED : When battery voltage is less than LVD level, it turns on and , it turns on and disconnects the supply to the load. It will be on only when battery is charged above LVR level.
Battery 12V, 40Ah @C10
Battery Box PVC
Solar Panel 40W

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