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Solar PV Module – 240 W

Key Features

  • All electrical parameters specified at Standard Test Conditions25 degree C cell
  • Temperature 100m W/cm2 irradiance Air Mass(AM) 1.5


Model Name DS 240
No of Cells 60 cells in series
Pmp (Wp) 240
Voc (V) 36.0
Isc (I) 8.56
Vmp (V) 30.0
Imp (I) 8.02
Module Efficiency 14.8
Dimension (mm) 1639 X 989 X 35
Weight (Kgs) 19.5
X- Pitch 938
Y-Pitch 839
Normal operating cell temperature 45.5°C
Temperature coefficient (Pmax) -0.45 % / °C
Temperature coefficient (Voc) -0.36 % / °C
Temperature coefficient (Isc) -0.043 % / °C
Operating module temperature -40 °C to +85 °C
Maximum Voltage DC DC 600V/1000V
Maximum load 5400 Pa
Application Classification (to IEC 61730) A
Fire classification (to IEC 61730) C
  • Our modules have been tested by UL according to the Standards of IEC 61215 for design IEC 61701 (Salt mist corrosion test) performance and IEC 61730 (Safety class I & II) CE.
  • Warranty : Up to 25 years Limited Extended Warranty
  • Refer to DSEPL warranty document for detail warranty terms and conditions. Due to constant product Improvement DSEPL reserve the right to amend the above specifications without prior notice.
Cables and Connectors 1000 mm long 4 mm2 cables with MC4 compatible connectors ( Higher than 200 Watts)

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