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Transperent 150 Watt-DST-150

Key Features

  • Efficiency and high performance
  • Its double 3.2 / 4 mm glass is suitable for hail and snow climates, and its internal textured surface increases the solar radiation absorption.
  • Designed for building integration, with double glass laminate.
  • Produced in a fully automated and robotic PV production line with a yearly installed capacity of 50 MW, allowing the production of a module with the highest level of quality.
  • An ISO certify Company.


Pmp (Wp) 150
Voc (V) 21.5
Isc (I) 8.98
Vmp (V) 18.0
Imp (I) 8.34
Normal operating cell temperature 45.5 C
Temperature coefficient (Pmax) 0.45 % C
Temperature coefficient (Voc) 0.36 % C
Temperature coefficient (Isc) 0.043 % C

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